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Comprehensive Eye Examination

Thanks to our skilled doctors, and our investment in the most current diagnostic equipment, you can expect to receive a thorough eye examination at Doctors EyeCare.  Our team of doctors will listen to your needs and provide individualized recommendations regarding any additional testing that is necessary to help maintain your eye health and vision. They are also happy to provide you with information about the latest in frame and lens technology to get you seeing, and looking, your best. 


Our comprehensive eye examination consists of 3 components: Pre-test, eye examination and personalized frame and lens selection.


A detailed process that gathers all necessary information for the doctor prior to the eye examination. This process involves completing a detailed patient history as well as a series of standard tests such as visual acuity, color vision, stereo acuity (depth perception), non-contact tonometry (eye pressure), auto refraction/keratometry (power and shape of the eye), lensometry (prescription of current glasses), Optomap digital retinal imaging and FDT visual field screening (central/mid-peripheral vision screening).



Eye Examination

Many patients think that a visit to the optometrist is just about checking for changes in their glasses prescription. Eye exams at Doctors EyeCare are comprised of 3 components:

1) testing for eye coordination and muscle balance

2) subjective refraction ( prescription) and visual acuity

3) most importantly, a complete ocular health assessment where the doctors use a variety of equipment to detect eye diseases, or conditions, such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts, to name a few.


Many people feel that if they have good vision then their eyes must be healthy too. That is not necessarily true. Many forms of eye disease, and other systemic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and even brain tumors, have no symptoms until the late stages of the disease when they are often too late to be treated successfully. A comprehensive eye examination may help detect these conditions in the early stages which could potentially save your sight, or even your life.


Frame and lens selection

If the doctor finds that your prescription has changed and needs updating to improve your vision, or if you need new eyeglasses for some other reason, one of our trained optical dispensers will be pleased to help you choose a new frame and lenses.  We have a wide variety of frames and lenses to suit any budget.

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